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"It's about Jennifer, a 16-year-old girl who has a baby (Zoe) with the support of her boyfriend, but the pressure is too much for him and he runs away," Branson offers."Her mother is a divorcée who's got a boyfriend, which is where I come in.That scared me as an actress, because I really didn’t know how to attack it. I don’t know when Chloe will get caught, but it wouldn’t be a soap opera if she didn’t. I don’t know how long she’ll be able to keep that up. Also, can we expect more “Chilly” scenes in the near future? A: This time around it’s so different because all my best friends have children that age. I’ve been having so much fun playing all the different levels of deceit and betrayal and feeling guilty and wanting to be the best friend and being the worst friend at the same exact time.

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So I know more about that age and what they’re going through. As for Chloe and Billy scenes, we’re hoping for it. Q: Who do you miss working with most from ALL MY CHILDREN? A: I loved working with Jeff Branson [Jonathan; ex-Ronan, Y&R] on ALL MY CHILDREN and Y&R. A: I just got fit for a new dress, but that isn’t airing for a while. It’s very fashion-forward and not something that I would normally buy. What I loved most about New York City was really being able to go anywhere, anytime. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost a job just because I didn’t have the right hair color. No matter how hard you work, no matter how many auditions you’ve been to, no matter how many classes you’ve taken and how ready you think you are, sometimes you’re not the first choice.

We did just have a couple air and I know that the fans are really loving seeing them together. On AMC, we had an incredible storyline, the abusive storyline. I wore a fabulous top on the show I taped today that will be airing soon. I would probably snag that and find a fun premiere to wear it to. You could have whatever food you wanted, whatever time at night. Oddly enough, I do not miss New York anymore because I have truly become a California girl. You just have to leave that at the door and remind yourself that timing is everything.

I personally would love to see more Chloe and Billy because I love the dynamic between the two characters. That’s up there with some of my favorite storylines at AMC. Q: What did you like about living in New York City? I’ve been here for 12 years now and I love nothing more than chilling out by the beach, riding my bike, and just not being stressed out. The most important lesson I’ve ever learned from doing soaps is that tomorrow is always a new day. But I must say the only reason that she annoys me is because I’m just like her.

I really didn’t get to explore that enough before I left. In New York, the anxiety crept up into my being; the pace of it, which I never thought would bother me. A: Missy [Claire Egan, Chelsea] and I work the most with each other. A: When I’m not on the set working, I’m enjoying my home at the beach. Sometimes, we just move so quickly that it flies by. A: The relationship between Chloe and her mother is hysterical to me. That’s what I love about Chloe and Esther’s relationship. A You know who I miss working with so much and I used to work with her all the time? We worked so closely when I first came on the show.

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