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Trust us, no matter how amazing the beading is or how brilliant the colour, you won’t end up wearing ill-fitting garments.

Though if you have a great tailor and will actually take the time and spend the money for alterations, more power to you. ) has changed how they dress at one point or another to meet someone else’s expectations, whether it’s toning down your edgy style for a first date or trying to fit in fashion-wise with a new friend group.

We recommend leaving this habit behind in your 30’s, or even sooner if you can.

With the exception of the workplace, where it can be a good idea to fit within the spectrum of sartorial culture of your office, we find you’ll be happier and more confident in outfits you feel truly reflect your style.

OUR eye turned to home turf as London Fashion Week began at the end of last week, bringing out the capital's best dressed for the weekend and beyond.

And while the sun might have been shining in New York, it's been nothing but rain in London - making those fashion choices all the more harder.

LONDON Fashion Week is awash with style, both on and off the catwalk, and our Street Chic snapper has had quite the sartorial treat.

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All further developments of the sense of this word are post-Vedic.

Pearlstein sent samples of Klein's work to managing editor Raju Narisetti.

A few weeks after he heard from Pearlstein, Post foreign correspondent John Pomfret asked Klein to have lunch with him and financial editor Sandy Sugawara.

He was formerly an associate editor of The American Prospect political magazine and a political blogger at the same publication.

At The Washington Post, he managed a branded blog called "Wonkblog," which featured his writing and the writing of other policy reporters.

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