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It’s intention is to produce a new form of radio theatre in which dramatic aesthetics meet laboratory conditions in an attempt to operate beyond both the realms of radio drama and legal advocacy, respectively; using the techniques of radio fiction to actively attempt to unfold the 'truth' of actual events.

The semi fictional results of this theatrical production and radio broadcast thus acts as a means to inform an alternative understanding of the stakes involved in the act of listening as well as an acknowledgement of the role our acoustic environment plays as we reincarnate the ephemeral auditory event embedded in the memory of its witness.

Typifying the nature of the crimes that the earwitness theatre will attempt to investigate is the story of Fabian Bengtsson, the Chief Executive of one of the major Swedish electronics companies, SIBA, who was kidnapped under gun threat by two men who kept him for seventeen days in a narrow wooden case. Fabian Bengtsson never saw his kidnappers, however he could hear them speak and he also made other auditory observations. After his release, Fabian’s thorough observations of, for example, regarding the voices of his captors as well as what time the delivery car of a well-known ice cream company passed by outside, enabled the police to find the apartment where he had been held and to eventually find the suspects.

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In addition to the two winning proposals from Maria Fusco and Adrian Jackson in collaboration with Andrea Zimmerman, the panel received over 700 ideas in 2014, this is a selection of some of the best submissions.

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