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The government has deployed 200 emergency personnel to secure the two prisons where the most blood was shed.

The largest bloodbath appeared to be an orchestrated mass killing targeting members of Brazil's biggest gang, the First Capital Command (PCC).

) is the largest city in Baja California and on the Baja California Peninsula and center of the Tijuana metropolitan area, part of the international San Diego–Tijuana metropolitan area.

As an industrial and financial center of Mexico, Tijuana exerts a strong influence on economics, education, culture, art, and politics.

In the recent announcement of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) about the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) top 10 passers, both Marianito Jesus Del Rio and Vianca Pearl Amores topped the examination with an average of 92.67% apiece.

Del Rio and Amores are cousins from the University of San Carlos (USC).

After the killing, the Red Command "had to look for alternative routes in the north," he said.Both cousins Marianito Jesus Del Rio and Vianca Pearl Amores topped the recent PRC licensure examination for Certified Public Accountant by garnering 92.67% score for the two top passers. According from the news online, Del Rio and Amores believed that their visit to churches, daily rosary prayers and 9-day Novena mass helped them pass the board exam. N a m e 51 ACOSTA, KEZIAH DENISE SANCHEZ 52 ACOSTA, MARK FRANCIS ARGAYOSA 53 ACOSTA, THRESCYL CLAIRE GOLOSINO 54 ACUÑA, IVY KATE ALIBANGBANG 55 ACUÑA, KERUBINA REMULLENO 56 ADACLOG, REUCHLIN DACULAN 57 ADAMS, AARON DENZEL SICO 58 ADAN, KRISTINE MELANIE MACALINTAL 59 ADLAWAN, MERRIE CHRISTINE BARTE 60 ADOLFO, ADOLPH CYRIL GUIÑARES 61 ADOLFO, MARY GRACE BORINGOT 62 ADOR, KAREN LOU FLORIDA 63 ADORNADO, LORDENISE TAJANLANGIT 64 ADVIENTO, SHERLENE JOY ACOSTA 65 ADVINCULA, MIGUEL MARCIANO MANUEL 66 AFABLE, MHARAYNEL CENTINO 67 AFAN, CLAIDENE AGSALDA 68 AFAN, MANUEL III GALLENO 69 AGANAN, MARIA RUBIE RUBIO 70 AGAS, CHARMAINE SALAZAR 71 AGCAOILI, ROMEL JOSEPH CORPUZ 72 AGERO, MYR DOMILYN MULLET 73 AGGABAO, LORENA JOY MINIANO 74 AGLOSOLOS, JONALD SABALBORO 75 AGNAYA, CLAYDE THOR NADNADEN 76 AGNGARAYNGAY, SANDY MAE ISAGUIRRE 77 AGORILLA, WALTER JAMES CAMACHO 78 AGOSTO, JAN ERIC FERNANDEZ 79 AGOTO, ELVIS JR DE GUIA 80 AGPAOA, KARL MOSES DE LA CRUZ 81 AGREGADO, DANICA JOHN ALONZO 82 AGSAOAY, KRYSTAL BENITO 83 AGUADA, LYRE TECSON 84 AGUAS, CARYL BOGNOT 85 AGUAS, DAVID JAMES CENTENO 86 AGUDA, JOESAN ROBILLOS 87 AGUDA, SWEETCEL HACAR 88 AGUDERA, LOVELY ANN JUMUAD 89 AGUENZA, OLIVER POLLERO 90 AGUILA, FLORENCE LEO DE LEON 91 AGUILA, JHANNA FEVE SAGALA 92 AGUILAR, JEFFREY BADURIA 93 AGUILAR, JOAN PAULA CUERDO 94 AGUILAR, KING-RP DATUGAN 95 AGUILAR, MIKAH LOVELY DENNISE CANAR 96 AGUILAR, PRECIOUS SISON 97 AGUILOS, MELISSA CATHRINE VALENTON 98 AGUIRRE, ROLAND EARVIN SOCORRO 99 AGURA, PAUL JHON RAY ICAY 100 AGUSTIN, ALONA MAPUTI Roll of Successful Examinees in the C. Along with them are their family members who also offered prayers for their success after the examination. Both top passers graduated from their school impressively because Amores is the Magna Cum Laude and Del Rio is the Summa Cum Laude. (SGV) already expressed their intention to hire both of them and let them signed the contract for preparation.

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