Justin verlander dating

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The hottest arm in the American League just can’t seem to keep opposing teams from scoring.

Though we’re only three months into the 2014 season, in the last month alone, Verlander’s ERA has soared from 2.68 at the start of May to a dismal 4.61 as of June 11th’s 8-2 loss to the Chicago White Sox.

(He shrugged that one off by partying with his girlfriend in Chicago after the game.) Though his arm started slipping in the 2013 season, since Verlander started dating Upton, he’s tumbled on down the MLB ERA rankings to an unremarkable 38th.

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He came first in the league for his ERA in 2011, and second in the league in 2012.

In their three-or-so years as a couple, Upton's star has continued to rise, annually gracing the pages of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and as the advertising face of countless products.

Meanwhile, injury and age has dogged Verlander the last few seasons, yet it's believed his finally fully healthy this season.

Justin Verlander may be used to striking players out but he’s not used to striking out himself.

The Detroit Tigers pitcher popped the question to Kate Upton over the holiday, but the supermodel said no, a source told The 31-year-old player has been dating Upton, 22, on-and-off for two years and Justin thought it was time to get more serious.

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