K michelle dating ryan lochte

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Michelle has been Tweeting about her "Pooh." Yes, her Pooh, who has (mostly) been kicking ass ... Michelle was seen cozying up with Olympic Ryan Lochte in a recent photo, sparking dating rumors. After Lochte snagged the gold medal Saturday men’s 400-meter individual medley, the reality chick posted more praise.Michelle recently put their relationship on full blast at an event, revealing she is “dating a white guy” who “is a swimmer.” [springboard src=” Ldnk/” width=”480″ height=”400″ /] Do you think K.Michelle’s relationship with the grilled out medalist could hurt his Olympic public image?

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Ryan may have a long way to go to match Michael Phelps' career medal haul, but he's right on his tail in terms of celebrity gossip attention.

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