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The Kaya FM 67KM Relay for Mandela Day in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation is a corporate relay challenge event in honour of one of South Africa’s most iconic leaders Tata Nelson Mandela.

South Africans and the world observe Nelson Mandela International Day and want to do their 67 minutes or 67km’s (in our case at Kaya FM) of goodwill in honour of Tata.

The music format offers a mix including Adult Contemporary music and Rhythm and Blues, Soul, and Contemporary Jazz.

It also includes African Indigenous Genre to its sound.

Outspoken poet Ntsiki Mazwai took to Twitter over the weekend to express both her confusion and disdain for the decision by Kaya FM on who will be replacing veteran radio host Bob Mabena.

The breakfast slot has gone to another veteran, David O’Sullivan, a name more associated with Radio 702, which he left in 2014 after 19 years. Mazwai could simply not see the logic behind giving a white presenter the all-important breakfast show, on a radio station with a predominantly black target audience.

She also said Kaya FM was playing too much music from the US.

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The funds raised were for libraries for well-deserving schools with little resources.

The show will focus on books reviews, podcasts on wine, arts, conservation, history & so much more.” Mazwai said the station would now be “breeding” more “white blacks” since you “become what you listen to”.

Mazwai said the station was losing the plot and surrendering to “whiteness” when it was meant to be conveying the “black experience”.

Through the event the station connected with key corporate clients, stakeholders and listeners, while the event effectively put the power of Kaya FM’s radio voice behind The Nelson Mandela Foundation’s principles of reconciliation, peace and education.

As a family radio station the event created an environment for Afropolitan families to spend time together and create conversation on the life and times of Nelson Mandela.

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