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It was only then that the girl who would be known as one of Australia's prime exports began life on Antipodean soil, when the Kidmans moved back to the posh Longueville district of Sydney (coincidentally, one of Nicole's most renowned relatives was also named Sydney - he was a cattle baron).

Nicole was an active, artistic child, and focused from an absurdly young age.

'It does [annoy me], I want to live our life together, and the fact we live somewhere where we're not being photographed all the time - it makes it possible for people to make up that stuff because you're not always there to defend it.' 'I love my husband and kids more than acting': Nicole told the Today show she's willingly sacrificed career opportunities for her family, explaining that her potential projects get put to a vote with Keith and their daughters'There are times when it gets put out into a family meeting and we all decide whether we can move here for a period of time and mummy can make a film or daddy can go do this,' she explained.

Nicole also noted the couple's two daughters get to have their say.

And Carrie Underwood has developed an admiration for her collaborator on the hit song, The Fighter. presenter Ryan Seacrest at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night ahead of the pair's special onstage performance. ' Ryan then interviewed Keith on the carpet, who joked that he found it 'terrible' to work with the Oklahoma-born American Idol winner.'She can't sing, she's not photogenic,' he continued to joke, before moving into more serious mode.'I forget she's an Idol alumni,' he offered. It's a huge honour.'The Fighter is featured on Keith's most recent album Ripcord and the music video features the country singers perform together in a boxing ring.Her father, Anthony, a biochemist and clinical psychologist, had moved to the island with his wife Janelle to work on a research project.Almost as soon as Nicole appeared (she'd be closely followed by sister, Antonia), Anthony's work with breast cancer took the family to Washington DC for three years." CLICK HERE to view "Worst Dressed Celebs Of The Week!" CLICK HERE to view "Worst Dressed Celebs Of The Week! Nicole Kidman, Nicki Minaj, and Jessica Chastain were anything but somber in the dark hue at the amf AR Gala in Cannes Thursday.

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