Laura marling dating johnny flynn

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Two distinctive British singer-songwriters are nearing the end of the cross-country journey with a band of West Londoners, all of them delivering harmony-rich perfs of music that connects to classic folk music structures, ones that have been breeding grounds for the likes of Dylan, the Pogues and Richard Thompson.

Johnny Flynn, who plays guitar, mandolin and trumpet, arrived highly touted prior to the U. release of “A Larum” (Lost Highway) and his easy-going nature and delivery add healthy charm to the rootsy Brit folk material.

Stridency and calmness alternate in many of her songs.

At times, she is clearly a throwback to the folk music of the 1960s, when young artists attempted to create a communion between the traditional and the new.

recently stated that she “used to wear boys clothes as a statement against female sexualisation”. But I have my personal morals, which undoubtedly get involved with how I present myself as a person.

“I don’t think it was quite as purposeful as that,” Laura argues. I don’t like the idea of being prettified or dolled up or sexualised.” Her earliest recorded music — tracks like New Romantic and London Town — were very open and candid, but Laura’s lyrical style became noticeably more restrained by the time she recorded her debut. To some extent this one is, but I’m not so self-aware as I was when I was a very awkward teenager.” On , we get the essence of the woman Laura is without any of the details.

And as if her increasingly-great songwriting wasn’t enough, we also hugely admire Laura’s use of her status — as perhaps the most popular of the modern folk artists — to champion musicians she admires, which she’s continuing to do by releasing a bonus EP featuring tracks performed by Alessi’s Ark, Pete Roe and Johnny Flynn and produced by Laura herself.

Talking to Laura Marling now it’s clear she has grown into a confident, robust and down-to-earth woman from the blinkingly scared girl who was shoved into the limelight by the brilliance of her debut — released this Monday 22nd March — with eminent producer Ethan Johns, who has worked on albums by Ryan Adams, Rufus Wainwright and Brendan Benson among many others.

Marling’s delicate vocals, intimate ideas, and complex lyrics are decorated by her subtle folk-guitar picking – she is noted for her original songwriting that is far beyond her young years.

She sings, dry and often free of vibrato, as if she is speaking, her words flowing in well-enunciated, rapid clusters, vocal overtones adding to the musicality of each piece.

Her eyes shift — looking skyward or at a point on the floor — rarely making eye contact with the aud while singing.

They are fronted by Johnny Flynn, an actor, poet and songwriter who cites W.

Laura Beatrice Marling (born 1 February 1990) is a British folk singer-songwriter and musician from Eversley, Hampshire.

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