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A.’s Bruce Rodgers, of Tribe Inc., served as the appropriate platform to bring conflicting factions together.

Here are four openings and events to check out in the coming week: Bosco Sodi, “Malpaís,” in a pop-up exhibition at 143 N. The Mexican artist is known for densely pigmented monochromes and geometric clay cubes (evocative of the work of Isamu Noguchi) that play with color and the visceral qualities of his earthy materials.

Sotheby’s, for example, was involved in giving Jho Low, who is at the center of the Justice Department’s Malaysian money-laundering probe, a 0-million loan.

“As prices for art skyrocketed, Sotheby’s and other firms have become shadow banks,” writes reporter Katya Kazakina, “making millions of dollars of legal loans outside the regulated financial system and raising concerns that such financing could facilitate money laundering.” Bloomberg L.

The show also includes works from her various series devoted to sex and sexuality.

Expect up-close views of various body parts — a.k.a. .“Mertzbau: An Exhibition by Joe Sola featuring Albert Mertz,” at Tif Sigfrids. Artists from opposing coasts (he from postwar San Francisco, she from contemporary New York) produce paintings that ruminate on mundane settings.

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