Liquidating antiques

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Huge selection of dresses, Jackets, skirts & pants, sweaters, scarves, high end belts &; bags.AUTHENTIC COACH! Open SAT until 8pm Open SUNDAY until 6pm Lots of Leathers wedding apparel, vacation, work, special events or clubs, party, home parties as well! Maumee Antique Mall @1522 Reynolds Rd between Heatherdowns ; Dussel Rds. You can get a map at the front desk for guests as you enter.In that process he started to get recognition from local Antique & Collectible dealers and buyers in the local Sacramento County while attending the Sacramento Antique Faire during the 2nd Sunday of each month.He then started getting consignments from friends in the Antiques & Collectibles community.The Chinese have mined and skillfully crafted jade into heirlooms and pieces of art for many thousands of years.

Today, jadeite items are often among the most valuable of jade carvings.

Over time, the use of jade was found in statues, figurines, household decorative items as well as accessories for clothing.

Rare artifacts made by highly skilled artisans in the Chinese Imperial Court, transformed jade into one of the most valuable possessions, eclipsing even gold and silver.

Experience is the best guide in terms of appraising the value of possessions.

​As a native of Los Angeles and having owned Foster Ingersoll for 27 years—where I helped people buy items to live a gracious life around entertaining and home décor—I know our great city quite well and have an extensive network of buyers.

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