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In some towns there Polish is actually the majority language.

While there are other minorities in Lithuania it is very rare to hear any other language than Lithuanian, Russian or Polish spoken in Lithuania by locals in their own conversations (rather than when talking to foreigners).

With millennia-old history and struggles for its survival, Lithuanian language is very much a part of national identity.

The largest minority languages are Russian and Polish, spoken natively by 8,2% and 5,8% of the population respectively. They include not only ethnic Russians but also many Belarusians, Ukrainians, Jews and other ethnicities common in the former Soviet Union, collectively referred to as Russophones.

Moreover, with Lithuanian being so archaic in phonology, Slavic words can often be deduced from Lithuanian by regular sound laws; for example, Lith. The differentiation between Lithuanian and Latvian started after AD 800; for a long period, they could be considered dialects of a single language.

It promotes research and education in Baltic Studies by sponsoring meetings and conferences, supporting publications, sustaining a program of scholarships, grants, and prizes, and disseminating news of current interest in Baltic Studies." Also see: Journal of Baltic Studies, the official publication of AABS.Flag, Symbols National Anthem; Lyrics; Video Maps Languages of Lithuania Images; images of Lithuanian Monuments; Famous Lithuanian People; images of famous Lithuanian People Food; more food, more food, and even more food Music; more music, and even more music Lithuania- Introductions Megasites Professional Lithuanian Language Organizations, Online Journals and Library Consortia Lithuanian Language Online Dictionaries and Encyclopedias Online Media and News Online Videos - Language, Music and Culture Literature History, Culture, Religion Government/Politics Country Studies Country Analyses In-country Universities, Programs and Centers of Study Travel Lithuanian Wikipedia Lithuanian language version of Wikipedia.Search Engine Colossus - Lithuania Links to primary Lithuanian search engines and gateways-- in Lithuanian and English.Lithuanian is a Baltic language, related to Latvian. Lithuanian is often said to be the most conservative living Indo-European language, retaining many features of Proto-Indo-European now lost in other Indo-European languages. For this reason, it is one of the most important sources in the reconstruction of the Proto-Indo-European language despite its late attestation (with the earliest texts dating only to c. The phonology and especially the nominal morphology of Lithuanian is almost certainly the most conservative of any living Indo-European language, although its verbal morphology is less conservative and may be exceeded by the conservatism of Modern Greek verbs, which maintain a number of archaic features lacking in Lithuanian, such as the synthetic aorist and mediopassive forms.The Proto-Balto-Slavic languages branched off directly from Proto-Indo-European, then branched into Proto-Baltic and Proto-Slavic.

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