London dating scene

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In a city of over 7.5 million people, searching for that special someone can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.Whatever your age, likes, dislikes or occupation, there'll be someone for you in the lively London dating scene — it's finding them that's the hard part!But it isn't."'You're an absolute freak'While online dating apps such as Plenty of Fish and Tinder have created a virtual singles club – and with downloads of the apps in the tens of millions, a crowded one – some of London's most successful bachelors pay Social Concierge £200 a month to set up a date with the help of Wereko-Brobby's matchmaking skills. Over here it takes about two hours for people to warm up but in New York there is a confidence when it comes to dating," Wereko-Brobby said."You can be walking down a street there and be asked to go for a coffee.The world of dating is definitely exciting – there is nothing better than being completely smitten with a cute guy you’ve just met, right?Fortunately, Uniform Dating are on hand to give you some expert advice on the best date ideas London has to offer.

People assume it is still overrun by bankers getting into trouble and behaving awfully.Or the Canary Wharf trader who played women as fast and loose as he did commodities markets?Everyone has a tale of London's debauched high-fliers rampaging in the type of excessive revelry mere mortals either sigh at in disgust or smirk at with subtle admiration.However, it can often get really tricky, too, since the pace of life is really rapid and people don’t have time for romance.If you want to know how to deal with dating conundrums in London, make sure to stay with us.

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