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Ping said after winning: “The last time I felt such emotion was when my daughter was born - something you don’t get to experience a lot. Speaking on the highs and lows in the competition, Ping said: “I think the time I loved most was my time in Barcelona.“Spain really does bring something out in me.

TEENAGE pregnancy is a growing issue not just in Malaysia, but across the globe.

The Malaysian diplomat indecent assault case occurred on when the Malaysian diplomat Mohammed Rizalman bin Ismail was arrested by the New Zealand Police and charged with burglary and assault with intent to rape after allegedly following a 21-year-old woman, Tania Billingsley to her home.

Following an Official Information request filed by members of the New Zealand media, the New Zealand Government released details of the Rizalman case to the New Zealand public.

The source said the plan was for Rizalman to appear in court in Wellington on his return, more than five months after he was arrested on May 10.

A spokesman for its Justice Minister Amy Adams also said that the minister had issued a removal order to send Rizalman home under the Extradition Act.The Malaysian diplomat accused of a sex assault is due back in New Zealand next week after a five-month wait for authorities to negotiate his extradition, an official source has confirmed.New Zealand formally filed an extradition request last week for Malaysia to return Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail to face charges relating to an alleged attack on Tania Billingsley, 22, in the Wellington suburb of Brooklyn.Rizalman had followed Wellington woman Tania Billingsley to her home in May 2014, waited about 30 minutes outside and then entered the house and walked into her bedroom naked from the waist down.According to the New Zealand Herald, Rizalman, 39, has admitted to defecating outside Billingsley’s house, but said it was because of diarrhoea and that he had entered the Wellington woman’s house ― without underwear or trousers ― to clean himself up.

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