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Doherty is a professor of family social science at the University of Minnesota."We don't see our relationships and ourselves objectively," he says.There are lots of fraudulent ways scammers try to get you to give them your money. In terms of the number of complaints received, the hit list is as follows: 1.

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Advice: Do research on any company before accepting a position; ignore a company that asks you to deposit a cheque. Romance Scams: million lost Canadians give away a lot of money as they give away their hearts to Catphishers.A pilot program that was intended to attract rich immigrants willing to make a non-guaranteed investment of million over 15 years in return for permanent residency in Canada has attracted "low" interest.(Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's pitch to convince the world's richest that Canada is a good place to invest came too late for a pilot program intended to lure 60 millionaire immigrants to Canada in an effort to give the economy a boost, CBC News has learned."My research shows that 'growing apart' is the single biggest reason people give for divorce.Or maybe there is a lot of conflict that is depleting your marriage and you just can't resolve it on your own." Major life changes or high levels of stress can put pressure on a relationship, too.

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