My daughter is dating a looser

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Losers are the type of men who refuse to grow up and take responsibility for their own actions.This inability to accept their wrong doings is what makes them a loser who really isn’t worth your time.Well..could be that she sees him a lot differently then you do... I agree with the other comments don't push her a let her wake up on her own.

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1) The first time you lay eyes on the awful boyfriend, be rude and dismissive. You can tell by the way he dresses; you see it in his eyes; you’ve heard rumors. Once they realize you’re serious, they’ll end the relationship. 2) If, God forbid, he sticks around, criticize him at every possible turn. If he resents you enough, sooner or later he’ll resent your daughter too.

We also want to be happy for our children, yet when they choose paths that lead to nowhere we don't think they are going to end up happy so that's upsetting too. She is the nicest person ever when she's NOT with these 'losers'.

Then to top that off, when our adult children don't seem to care that they are going nowhere we end up lost for words to explain, even to ourselves, how we feel. I told her once, it's like she's 'possessed', and I'm in some kind of science fiction movie.

There is nothing wrong with you man wanting to spend time with his friends.

A strong and happy relationship relies on you both being able to retain friendships and living a little outside of each other’s worlds.

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