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the pattern is written in uk terms, but I have got a handy conversion chart on my blog. https// == t/2016/04/24/Stitch-conversion-and-abbreviations""Who would think that such a simple pattern could be so versatile? The pattern posted as the link is only for the larger owl, but the designer is offering the smaller owl pattern as a free bonus for subscribing to her site. The instructions are simple and nicely formatted so theyre easy to follow.

The initial chain is pretty long, but since youre doubling back and not attaching it together, no need to worry about twisting. If you wanted, you could crochet up several colors and then combine them as the occasion demands! Ive never been to this designers site before, so Im anxious to see what other projects she has.""This is a lovely square.

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Dating sites are still plagued with many of the problems as before and there is still an inherent danger associated with meeting people online.

Hot or Not is one of several hook-up apps that welcomes both children and adults. Young/Detroit News via AP) Zach Anderson, an Indiana teenager, was recently sentenced to 25 years on that state’s sex offender registry after he slept with a 14-year-old who told him she was 17.But Hot or Not welcomes anyone over 13, the absolute minimum age set by a 1998 law that governs children’s online privacy.Down, the app formerly known as “Bang With Friends,” avows that its Web site isn’t “structured to attract” children, but never actually says they can’t come in.I absolutely love the detailing around his eyes, too.The only change Ill be making is swapping out the felt pieces for crocheted.""Hi, thank you for your comments.

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