Non drinking dating sites

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Whether you drink, don't drink or are considering drying up for your own reasons, it's time we appreciate the many swoon-worthy qualities that sober people can bring to the table.

Thanks to apps like Tinder, online dating has basically morphed into mobile dating nowadays.

The idea of going out on a date without the comforting blanket of alcohol to boost your confidence can seem intimidating.

But we want to show that you can go out there sober(er) with confidence.

We also excluded companies like and e Harmony, because you're probably already familiar with them thanks to the gazillion commercials they have.

It's also much harder to use these sites without paying for their subscription service.

The technophobic aversion to online dating usually has something to do with fears of seeming desperate, or the more amorphous fear of The Machine Taking Over Our Lives.[2] Online dating is mostly just like bar dating: attractive women are swarmed by creeps, intelligent people people occasionally find each other, charismatic men can get laid whenever they want, the awkward remain awkward, insincerity is punished, and sincerity is hit or miss.

Ultimately, it’s going to be more helpful for you to date someone who understands and supports your drinking goals.

In any scenario, having sex with someone new can be scary – sober or not.

Even for a committed, drinker like myself, Dry January is proving very easy for three reasons: I have no money, I’m getting a bit fat, and I have an awful lot of work to do.

And alcohol, time and cash-sucking fat bomb that it is, would actually be a massive downer right now. I’m not saying I get totally out of my tree on every date I go on (although…), but even the most sedate meeting of minds is punctuated by a glass of two of wine.

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