Not updating steam

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If guys even going to acknowledge these issues and give us some solutions? Completed all other updates for my other games no problem but refuses to even begin downloading this day 1 update. Waited for an hour still nothing stuck at 0 download speed, other updates for other games is working fine.

I tried to delete the preloaded content to download from fresh. Tried again, now download shows done about 30% but still stuck not downloading.

Things I've tried include: Granting and denying access through firewall Turning firewall off and on Reseting files (steam://flushconfig) renaming Client to Client Regestry I do not want to remove steam and reinstall it. They can be performed with a minimal amount of technical knowledge.It's always a good first step to make sure that you restart Steam as well as your computer.has posted an interesting and helpful tutorial a day ago which describes how to get rid of this issue.All we need to do is manually change the server location, which steam uses to update itself.

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