Ntp not updating time

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This answer should go to the top, because it is correct: ntpdate is deprecated and installing it is a bad idea, because it conflicts with ntp.If the clock is way off, you need to do this manual step because otherwise ntp will not change your clock and will not tell you why.# apt-get install fake-hwclock fake-hwclock: Save/restore system clock on machines without working RTC hardware Some machines don't have a working realtime clock (RTC) unit, or no driver for the hardware that does exist. Switches at this office that were not upgraded (3750) are getting NTP normally. Jan 8 .826 CST: ref D496EA59.756DBDF0 (.458 CST Tue Jan 8 2013). I have removed the ntp lines from the switch configuration and re-added them, and that has not changed anything. address ref clock st when poll reach delay offset disp~1.1 16 - 64 0 0.0 0.00 16000.* master (synced), # master (unsynced), selected, - candidate, ~ configured Clock is unsynchronized, stratum 16, no reference clocknominal freq is 119.2092 Hz, actual freq is 119.2092 Hz, precision is 2**17reference time is 00000000.00000000 (.000 CST Thu Dec 31 1899)clock offset is 0.0000 msec, root delay is 0.00 msecroot dispersion is 0.00 msec, peer dispersion is 0.00 msec I enabled NTP debugging for events, packets, and clock synchro.. Later on anytime a new interface comes up it retries to update the time - while doing so it will try to slowly drift time as long as the delta it has to cover isn't too big.

Consider that the the '-B' flag it mentions that offsets over 128 ms can take hours to sync using the default 'slew' mechanism The "-q" option tells the NTP daemon to start up, set the time and immediately exit.The "-g" option allows it to correct for time differences larger then 1000 sec.For longer term, you should simply configure the NTP daemon to be running always.Apr 16 web1 ntpd[3613]: Listening on interface #6 eth0, Enabled Apr 16 web1 ntpd[3613]: Listening on interface #7 eth1, 192.1#123 Enabled Apr 16 web1 ntpd[3613]: kernel time sync status 2040 Apr 16 web1 ntpd[3613]: frequency initialized 0.000 PPM from /var/lib/ntp/ntp.drift I'm not sure I will be able to help, this looks like you are configured correctly.The most likely reason for a fail is that a firewall is blocking the connection on port 123.

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