Olivia thirlby dating josh peck

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In 1929, Karinthy Frigyes coined the idea that any person is connected to any other within five connections, which became known as the rule of “six degrees of separation.” In 1994, Craig Fass, Brian Turtle, and Mike Ginelli turned the concept from an abstract idea into a trivia game called The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Game, where the object was to see how quickly you could connect any actor to Kevin Bacon, through mutual films.

Robert Lawson is a writer, director, composer, screenwriter, and visual artist.So I’ve collected all of the films in which Bacon’s been a major actor, then all of the major actors from those films … In total, this returns a huge 8,430 films and 15,079 actors.Below, I’ve trimmed the list to the top 2,000 (plus Bacon himself), and created an interactive map so you can see for yourself: Notes: The data are from The-numbers.com, who helpfully trim minor roles out of their cast lists, but will also lead to different numbers than sources based on IMDB.will be updating throughout pilot and casting season, so be sure to bookmark this page and come back for the latest news.(Note: Not included are limited/event and miniseries or other projects earmarked for the summer. ABC Comedy ) -- PASSED OVER Logline: A comedy starring Chevy Chase and Beverly D' Angelo as two baby boomers who are fun, relevant and living a selfish retirement when their world is turned upside down and they are suddenly left to raise their grandchildren.

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