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Anna gets between Marley's legs and fucks her wet pussy with gloved fingers while scratching her with the tattoo pen.

Anna calls her a pain slut and bites her clit, then she rides Marley's face and grinds her pussy till Marley cums on it.

From my experience, the female orgasm is elusive and a little bit tricky (tbh, I did not have an orgasm until I was in my early 20’s, so I truly mean it when I say “elusive and tricky”).

Some women even go most of their lives without having one.

Female sexual pleasure can be difficult to talk about thanks to societal taboos, general discomfort around the subject, and lack of knowledge.

Thankfully, there are websites to smash that patriarchal bullshit and help you have the best orgasm ever.

Whether you’re partnered or going at it solo, the pleasure you want to have could be difficult to come by.

You have to get real about the fact that no person is going to swoop into your life and grant you multiple orgasms. Having baggage about your lady parts being ugly, an attitude about masturbators being “desperate,” and the general shame and anxiety about maybe having to hide it from your parents will certainly get in the way of you achieving climax.

They alternate licking pussy, and then they suck the cum out of each other in 69.

Anna spanks her ass and pussy, and she finger fucks her deeply till her g-spot cums!

Anna reminisces about how much she loved inking her ex-girlfriend when they would have sex.

Marley admits the thought of that excites her, and she gives her a look that tempts Anna to bite her nipple.

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