Pet sex

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And I've noticed something since this union: It's become a hell of a lot easier to turn down people who aren’t right for me.

She knows she can cuddle up with me whenever she wants. We even share meals, since Alba loves herself some human food. As far as friendships go, Alba and I have a good thing going.

It was a seemingly ordinary day in August and my friend and dog class co-instructor was visiting with one of her foster dogs, a little black and tan Chihuahua mix.This type of sexing does have some drawbacks -- a veterinarian will need to obtain the blood sample, and collecting the blood can be somewhat stressful to your pet.On the upside though, once the blood is obtained it can be analyzed not only for sexing but also for possible genetic diseases.And no matter what dating app you download or how much you put yourself out there, it's painfully obvious that there's no magic formula for speeding things along. When you have someone who is excited to see you every time you walk through the door, it's less attractive to be with a person who's lukewarm about things.Bottom line, you need to be patient and just do you in the meantime. So I've gone ahead and figured out the best way to stay patient when you're eager to meet someone but have no control over when that might happen. Granted, a relationship with a pet won't provide you desire out of a human relationship.

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