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Since dragons dogma I've actually played and finished lollipop chainsaw and splatter house but they aren't coming up on the card :/ the psn side updates almost instantly though EDIT: It didn't update for weeks... typical Via Tapatalk Here's mine for the sake of showing off Also my no-life list of 126 played games! https:// Fahbre/games Surprised that the list hasn't updated with, Gravity Rush.

But overall it does a fine job with updating your recently played list.

My card still works for the time being but I'm sure I will have to look for alternatives here soon as well so I appreciate the suggestions as well.

I used Playfire's and didn't really care for them because the backgrounds don't update with the game you are playing.

I've checked my privacy settings on my Vita and PS4 and they are allowing anyone to view... Your trophy data matches Sony's public trophy data.

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I went ahead and reported this based on two incidents but if you'd be so kind by sharing some recent activity you do NOT see on your achievements page, that may help out with the bug I've filed.

I played Skyrim over two weeks ago when I was home sick and earned quite a few achievements and it still hasn't updated.

I actively came onto the forums to report this but it seems to be a common "thread".

That was the main thing I liked about My Gamer Cards.

Anyone know some that update the background of the card like My Gamer Card does? It was My Gamer Cards not Your Gamer Cards that shut down. Problem is, the 360 one updates the gamer score but not always the picture...

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