Post dating cheques canada

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I think you would be better off setting up automatic payments from your bank.Edit: I just noticed you are in Canada so I'm not sure the same rules apply but I would still verify that the banks will honor the date on the check." under Direct deposit section if you receive your payments by direct deposit.Please contact your payment issuing department or agency to inform them and to request another payment.A tenant may also be able to get interest on the security deposit when the tenancy ends or is terminated.Check with your local Landlord and Tenant Board to get up to date information on your rights.Due to this, many landlords have tried to use creative ways to come up with charges to get around the rule for security deposits.However, the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act prohibits any other additional charges[2]. However, it cannot be more than half the one month’s rent.

If the full amount of rent isn’t paid on time, the landlord can serve a notice to end tenancy, which applies to each person named on that tenancy agreement, or apply for dispute resolution against any or all of them for unpaid rent.

I was recently witness to a salesman claiming that a customer could post-date a check to guarantee their check would not be cashed before the item they just ordered was received.

I was under the impression that this is false, and that writing post-dated checks can actually be considered illegal under some of the worthless-check laws here in the United States.

If the rent payments are monthly, the deposit cannot be more than one month’s rent.

However, it is illegal for a landlord in Ontario to demand a security deposit, for potential damages to a rental unit[1].

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