Problems validating office 2016

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This article is part of the Getting started guide for deploying Office 365 Pro Plus for IT professionals.

Are you looking for help with installing Office with Office 365?

If you still need help installing or activating Office 2016 for Mac, tell us about your issue in detail by leaving us a comment below and we'll try to address it in the future.

You can also contact Microsoft support to talk to a human.

The issues you encounter when trying to install Office 2016 or Office 2013 and how you fix them depends on whether your product is part of an Office for home or Office for business plan.

Additionally, with Office for business plans, there are certain things only an Office 365 admin can do.

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Obviously the document is safe as I created it myself some months ago. (On a sidenote, a rethorical question: Will Microsoft never learn?

Then, just about a year ago, I moved off of Exchange to Gmail, and haven't looked back. I get downloadable Office from the school where I teach, but they only have Office 2011 for Mac.

Although I cancelled my Office 365 Midsize Business plan, I still have my Office 2013 license for my PCs and my Office 2011 license for my Macs. As you probably know, Office 2016 for Mac was released a few weeks ago, and it's much more in line with the PC version of Office 2013 we're all used to.

Office 365 Home Office 365 Personal Office 365 University Office 2016 or Office 2013 versions available as one-time purchases: These include the fully installed Office applications. Government Community G5 Project Online Professional Project Online Premium Visio Pro for Office 365 Office 365 Subscriptions without fully installed Office applications: Tip: With these Office 365 subscriptions, you don't have anything to install, but you can access and use online versions of Office in your web browser.

Office Home & Student Office Home & Business Office Professional Office Professional Plus* Office 365 Subscriptions: These include the fully installed Office applications. Learn how to Get started with Office Online in Office 365. Known issues with Office and Windows 10 I can't tell if Office is installed Where to install Office on a Mac Download and installation issues on a Mac I can't find the apps on my Mac Uninstall Office for Mac Activate Office 2016 on a Mac Mac activation issues Install updates on a Mac If you're looking for the steps to download and install the latest version of Office, see Install Office on your PC or Mac.

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