Radgrid needdatasource not updating

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Hi I have a very simple configuration of the Grid View with paging and sorting.

When I do a postback the Data Binding event fires twice - in both the Process Post Data and Pre Render stages of the page life cycle.

The code behind is working as expected and the ajax request is being processed as well.

We do use the viewstate property to store values throughout the application.

on button click i am updating a record in database and after successful update i want the grid also to be updated without postback.

i have tried with Rebind() and Data Bind() but both r not working for me.

On grid column i have asp linkbutton and on that link button click i am calling one javascript function.. Double clicking the grid opens up a radwindow that lets the users edit the grid row data. To me it looks like the client side is missing something.I want the grid on the parent page to refresh without having to do a full page refresh. Please look at my code that I posted earlier and confirm that at least I am going in the right direction. vithiya I have a question about setting the Enable View State property to false.NET template datbound controls (such as Data Gird, Grid View, Data List...), after databinding, the data and related nested control properties are persisted in View State, so that when the page postback, those info are get restored from viewstate without redo the databinding.Howerver, when the View State is disabled, the runtime(Page) will do an additional databinding, to repopulate the control structure and data before process events.... ========================= This is still the strange behavior I'm quite confusing.

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