Romi and whitney dating

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It’s been a wild year for Romi Klinger, who ended her run on the “The Real L Word” with a controversial wedding to a guy. Now she’s clearing up misconceptions—talking about her “real life” and and revealing where she really lands on the sexuality ex who won’t go away. I’m friends with Cori [Mc Ginn-Boccumini], Kacy [Boccumini], Stamie [Karakasidis] and Tracy.

For Nikki and Jill, wedding bells are already in the air - but wedding planning with two brides can be stressful!

“Every day is a new day.”Romi said that the show was just “a chapter” in her life.“So much of my real life I wish I could [have] talked about rather than just who I was sleeping with,” she said.

“I deal with issues I think some could relate to other than being bisexual.

Jill & Nikki Weiss-Goldstein I’m happy to report Nikki and Jill popped out another gorgeous baby since we last caught up with them in 2014.

Originally introduced as one of Whitney’s conquests in Season 1, Romi was upped to regular castmate for Season 2.

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