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This piece is for those Muslims who understand the essence of Islam which is to create cohesive societies. He has created the earth and the heavens, planets and the systems and programmed them to function cohesively.Let’s start with our own bodies to understand this phenomenon.She could, in theory, leave the non-Muslim husband and marry a Muslim one.If the non-Muslim husband does convert a new marriage is not needed. When there come to you believing women refugees, examine (and test) them: God knows best as to their Faith: if ye ascertain that they are Believers, then send them not back to the Unbelievers.I would hope that any Muslim considering marrying a non-Muslim will abandon that idea immediately and instead focus on marrying chaste, believing Muslim women.There are basically two types of mixed marriages: Halal (permissible), and Haraam (forbidden).

Wear hijabs that are of a thin material, such as pure cotton which will not only be kind to the skin but also make you feel cooler.Remember, you are allowed to wear hijabs of different colours and designs to match with your outfit.The sole intent of this essay is to understand the struggle of “Single American Muslim women” and keeping them within the fold by expanding the fold to be reflective of God’s boundlessness and extending Prophet Muhammad’s mercy to the entire universe.We are composed of billions of unique cells but most certainly we can see that our bodies have several different organs, and all of them have to work together for us to live a normal life.Any Muslim living in the West has surely come across many examples of mixed marriages in Islam.

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