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The Conservatives could win as many 12 Scottish seats at the general election, polls suggest today, ending a 30 year slump for the party north of the border.In what would be an audacious raid on Nicola Sturgeon's electoral heartlands Theresa May's party is hoping to add to its single Scottish seat.Moray constituency, held by SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson, is a Tory target.The Tories finished second there in 2015 by 9,000 votes and it is the most Eurosceptic patch in Scotland.

But he needs to stop pretending he's straight and just be celibate.Nicola Sturgeon has been derided for living in 'dreamland' after claiming that a second Scottish independence referendum would not be divisive.The row reignited as the SNP leader stepped up her demand for Theresa May to grant a fresh vote before the Brexit process is complete. Those who have followed Sam's career since his theatre days in Scotland stage, say he's gay.He uses neutral gender whe talking about his love life and is playing a PR showmance at public events and SM with co-star Caitriona Balfe ,who has a real boyfriend. He's shown that he can completely transform himself from pinging like Gay Mc Gayerson into this rugged, masculine warrior-type.

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