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also cow n gate send u a wening pack with money off vouchers fr food jars.

when i shop online i shop through boots treat street,so u can go through to mothercare or other retailers (there's loads).

has in those rare damage-enabled areas) is that you will be teleported to wherever your Home location is set.

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3 – If you feel at all uncomfortable, then simply teleport away.You get a free huggies pack from Asda when you join their mother and baby club, and boots offer a free change bag when you join theirs. Have u joined sainsburys and boots for there goodies and i got one of these bounty envelopes when i first saw midwife, they also have the 2nd bounty pack mums to be where i have my scan give them a bell n see i thought bounty was available to everyone !xx hipp baby food send you money off vouchers and a voucher fr free jar of baby food when u join.Same thing if you are being hassled or griefed: simply teleport away.If, for some reason, you can’t teleport (such as you’re getting an error message because the area is busy or teleports are down) then log out and log back in at your Home location, or any other location (see #9, below, for how to do that).

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