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These days, practically whenever and wherever I am, I can contact the people I love and want to be connected with.

I’ve been in metropolitan cities, remote farms, Thai villages, and hiking in the Tibetan Plateau, and every one of those places I could connect through text messages or calls.

Katie Strzeszewski has been writing professionally since 2003 and holds a Bachelor of Arts in professional writing and English secondary education from York College of Pennsylvania.

Strzeszewski spent two years performing computer repair for Geek Squad, currently works for men's clothier Paul Fredrick and is also a competitive West Coast Swing and Hustle dancer.

If you can no longer login to Facebook, you'll want to follow these instructions from the Facebook Help Center: It's possible your Facebook woes are coming from the result of a phishing scam.

In February of 2007, for instance, casinos in Ontario, Canada, had to remove slot machines that briefly flashed images encouraging further gambling.

The most famous instance of similar subliminal advertising was done by James Vicary in 1957, who added the phrases “eat popcorn” and “drink Coca Cola” to movie advertisements.

You've just discovered your Facebook account has been posting all kinds of weird, pornographic, or generally inappropriate content to your Wall and/or News Feed.

Your friends are annoyed with all the questionable posts and requests coming from you.

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