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Such relationships were often undertaken outside the bond of matrimony and each sexual act thus committed is considered a mortal sin by the Catholic Church.

Mauro Inzoli, who was accused of molesting children, including in the confessional. ") Or maybe you jump forward a scene, to the exchange between Pope Pius XIII and his assistant, Sister Suree (played by Nadee Kammellaweera).Because it puts the viewer on the same disoriented, intimidated footing as poor Suree? The good sister's sister has passed on, it seems, and rather than send her back to Sri Lanka for the funeral, our man Lenny has the body choppered into the Vatican so he can perform the service himself.He reaffirmed that the Vatican would institute zero tolerance for pedophile priests.He announced the creation of a new papal commission on child protection made up of Cardinals, experts, and victims of clergy abuse.

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