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NET version of the code generator doesn't recognize the attribute at step 1.Given that there is an easy workaround, and the attributes like 'enable Http Cookie Container' are very rare, on the other hand, the fix is not straightforward, we decided not to fix the bug.You were made aware of a bug and decided to leave it as a bug. Rare or not the ' Enable Http Cookie Container' is an attribute, and your code has a bug, any respectable programmer made aware of a bug should fix the bug. I've had to search back for this post for ages but it’s definitely worth it.

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Or go straight to the section to implement the Silverlight ADMX/L files in your environment.I’ve added some rudimentary XAML to the app to basically show the current default service that will be used (with the option to change it) and the response code: Now to explain what I’ve done/recommend.When you add a service reference via the option in Visual Studio, you get a new file in your Silverlight application called Service References.clientconfig.If the version on the Web is newer than the version on users' computers then Silverlight will automatically update itself.The Silverlight automatic update mechanism will only function when Silverlight content is viewed by a user logged in with administrative rights.

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