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Methods: An established in vitro model of gastric restitution, i.e., migration of the non-transformed rat gastric cell line RGM-1 after scratch wounding, was investigated by expression profiling of selected genes from separated stationary and migratory cells.

Also semi-quantitative immunocytochemistry was performed. Furthermore, RGM-1 cells were transfected with stealth RNAi™ duplexes targeting Tff1 and relative cell migration rates were analyzed.

Navigation built in, gaming, touch screen control with remote, mutiple video interfaces, high quality digital signal to amps, mutiband EQ with the system having the capability of self EQing in a realtime enviornment as passengers and cargo are added or removed.

Not only with this have the computing power to become a full fledged workstation and office working mutiple taskes such as email, office documents, chatt, video editing, and digital image editing, i plan on also interfacing with an aftermarket ECU for realtime tuning, timing and fuel adjustment with mutiple presets. ive priced the components and they are much less that a high end headunit. the quality look very descent even though i heard bad things.

This thread is designed to help thos like myself who are clueless about audio equipment. Comments will not be tolerated because this thread is not designed to start arguments. Put as many specs as you can find about the particular product including price and where you bought it.

Prices change but that doesn't mean it won't give people a general idea of how much something will cost 2.

For example, the system will pronounce "turn right on La Jolla Street" with an "H", greatly improving its assistance ability. The system also includes the Gracenote CDDB™ Music Recognition Service, which automatically "tags" the music you record with the artist name, song title, genre, and album title.

Anything with audio is acceptable including head units, dvd players, tv screens, speakers, ect 3. Good comments allowed mean people will put bad ones so none will be tolerated and will be deleted 4. Explanation of why you choose the particular product would help and how it compares to other product you have seen or had. If there are any questions please PM a modorator or myself Alpine IVA-D300 (flip out touch screen) MSPR 00 (top din) Pulse Touch Display 7" Fully Motorized Monitor 50W MAX x 4/18W RMS x 4 High Power Amplifier Dolby Digital/DTS Decoder Ready (Processor Required) DVD-R/RW Compatible MP3 and WMA Playback MP3 ID3 Tag Information Satellite Radio Ready DVD Menu Direct Touch Control i Personalize: Data Download, Amplifier Link, Bass Engine Plus (Subwoofer Level Control, Subwoofer Phase Selector, Bass Center Frequency Control, Treble Control , Treble Center Frequency Control, Bass Width Control, 2-Way Selectable Crossover, 3-Position HP/LP Crossover Control (12d B/oct.) 4 Ch, Adjustable Digital Time Correction, 4 Band Parametric EQ, Factory Preset EQ, Bass Focus, Bass Type Selection) Visual EQ Max Tune SQ Tuner 3 Pre Outs i Pod Interface Ready (KCA-420i) Rear Camera Input Navigation Input 1 A/V Input 1 Independant A/V Output Navi Mix Media Xpander PXA-H701/MRA-D550 Touch Control Ready Audio Signal Loop Ready Pioneer Avic 80DVD (Navigation) MSRP 00 (bottom din) Navigation Unit ONLY I chose my Alpine because at the time it was the latest model that Alpine released their new model Flip-Out Touch Screen.

Headunit is amazing, and the brain is just wonderful.

These stereos are great for single DIN slots where you want a larger screen.

1.5 DIN: This size is very uncommon in vehicles, however this size opening is most commonly found in Chrysler and Chevrolet vehicles.

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