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Supported brands include LG TV, Samsung TV, Vizio TV, Mitsubishi TV, Sony TV and hundreds of thousands more. Because the i Phone doesn't transmit IR the Peel Pronto IR transmitter is required. Battery lasts forever, which is amazing given its Bluetooth is always on, it easily controls my media devices including Directv box.

The i Phone connects to the Pronto IR device by Bluetooth and the Pronto connects to the TV (or in my case the cable box) via IR. He are my only cons:- can only be connected to one i Phone at a time - sometimes the cable box does not tune to the correct channel the first time. Sometimes you have to recreate a room, but given the complexity of what they are pulling off, that's not too bad. Makes it easy to find programming I want and discover new channels.

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You see, before changing its name from Macsion, Rovi acquired Gemstar-TV guide in 2008 -- which was probably most well known for the integrated program guide common in higher end TVs throughout the last decade.

I contacted Sony about it seeing as how it is still under warranty. Well guess what, after some research they are still making my model it is just redesignated as a xbr65x930e instead of my xbr65x930d... I purchased this Bravia 50' 4K TV at the end of December 2016, then in the middle of April the TV no longer worked - just didn't turn on one day. Their first solution, after running a diagnostic, that it needed repair and the part was being ordered.

It's unfortunate that we live in world where these big companies can get away with this kind of treatment of their consumer. Total lack of support: Problems from the 1st month. When I called back they told me that the warranty had run out.

Peel Smart Remote turns your i Phone into a smart universal remote to control your home electronics and provide personalized TV guide listings.

Control via Wi-Fi is available for many devices, including many internet connected set-top boxes from Dish or Direc TV, along with Roku and Sonos media players, and some models of connected smart TVs from Samsung, LG and Sony.

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