Sorority sisterhood speed dating size of internet dating industry

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#1: Make a Connection When talking to the PNMs, your goal is to get to know them. Find out who she is, beyond just her major and what hometown she's from. What's her group of friends like from high school or back home? Tell a personal story, and encourage her to do the same. Your warm & friendly attitude will help for both of you to feel more comfortable and natural, in a setting that can sometimes feel otherwise.

#2: Ask Thoughtful Questions Ask open-ended questions. Talk to her like a friend, where you each share your thoughts.

We are in our twenties, living alone in Indianapolis. With the dating scene being what it is now, we talked about how hard it is to meet people “the old fashioned way”.

We work together, play together, and get to experience #adulting together. As millennials, we are a part of the technological dating generation.

Their answers will help you determine which one is a perfect match!

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Brittany even wrote a blog on dating and related it back to what we do at Phired Up. In both instances, we are just looking for people to do life with that have similar values to us and are fun to be around.

It's time to get dressed up, sing songs, possibly lose your voice, and spend a few long days & nights with your sisters! Yes, it can sometimes feel like friendship speed-dating.

If you need a purchased gift for your sister, in addition to your chapter crafting, get ideas from this list of things to monogram and personalize.

Spoil your big/little with a thoughtful treat selected just for her.

We find love on Tinder, Match, Facebook, Bumble, etc.

Online dating is safe, well accepted, and the preferred method of meeting new people today.

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