Stacy keibler and randy orton dating

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I never heard a word of this and now suddenly i see their having a kid :amazed: pic is from the 2012 SCF.Edge is a huge Devils fan and has a giant man crush on Marty Brodeur.She acted as the valet for a tag team known as “Standards and Practices” (Lenny Lane and Lodi), gaining more popularity herself that the team she represented.She eventually saw some in-ring action during a storyline where she was the boyfriend of “Nature Boy” Ric Flair’s son, David.In late 1999, she won a contest to become one of the WCW Nitro Girls Dance Troupe and history was born.Under the name of Skye, she became one of the hottest girls on the Nitro team and was in part a reason why many males tuned in to the show.

This must have been the most secretive relationship in wwe, EVER.

when John came and saved Torrie from Rene Dupree the fans went wild. well put these two together Vince and you will get ratings.

TRISH STRATUS AND CHRIS JERICHO: these two are so cute. He is good-looking, athletic and the youngest world champ in history, come on girls!

She had some modeling jobs and eventually a cheerleading position for the Baltimore Ravens football team.

She has had lengthy experience as an actress, model and journalist, but this profile will emphasize her role in the squared circle.

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