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It was, coincidentally, the second camp they had worked at simultaneously but the first place they met face to face, seated together at dinner a few nights before campers arrived.Lisa and Larry saw each other often around camp and became good friends.

But letting your teen get away for a week or two by themselves is a good thing.Instead, the children were again exposed to genteel activities in an attempt to ease the Eastern European Jewry into American society. Since the camps created a new space for children to interact, there were often cases of boys and girls dating within the camp setting and even finding marriage partners. I was the only one from town who went to Camp Lown.Lou Chester might have one year, but Harvey Stern went to Camp Lown from Skowhegan, and we were pretty good buddies.In the summer of 1984, Lisa Singer and Larry Ashery met at Camp Harlam. Deep breath — this isn’t a tale of matrimony between minors.At the time, Lisa was song leader at the Reform Jewish overnight camp in Kunkletown, PA, and Larry, a fellow counselor and college student.

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