Tang yan and roy qiu dating dating profile canal winchester ohio charlie

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It’s Tang Yan‘s birthday so everyone has been waiting on pins and needles to see what rumored boyfriend would say on weibo and he did not let us down.

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She revealed that every time Roy and Tiffany had an interview, Roy would call a few days beforehand with countless instructions on what to say and what to wear.

They also appeared as a couple in several commercials.

But Tang Yan didn’t want her personal life to mix with her professional life so nixed it and went with her rumored ex-boyfriend Luo Jin as her co-star.

Rumors have not just Tia Li as the Xiao San interloper, another rumor has popped up that Roy cheated on Tang Yan with Xiao Si (#4) Megan Lai when they filmed Megan is like the funniest thing ever.Somewhere Rainie Yang and Chen Qiao En are laughing their heads off, but I only say this because what happens between two people in a private relationship is really no one’s business.I love Roy as an actor, I could care less if he’s a shitty boyfriend.Roy’s team insisted that he could not reveal the truth, because 70 to 80 percent of his fanbase was female.Moreover, Roy’s career in mainland China had only just begun to take off; they did not want his image to be destroyed. Although many celebrities keep their love lives a secret, Tiffany’s assistant still found the situation odd.

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