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Well, for violent rape, if you spend some time reading accounts from serial rapists and murderers, they tend to choose their victims based on body language....

Here the cues tend to be not so much how you dress - although this is communicating things about you - it's "Do you have the body language of someone who would make a good victim? "Try not to exhibit the body language of a victim" could be sound advice for anyone, but only if you actually explain what that body language looks like. When Thunderf00t cuts in the clip of a black men getting into an elevator with a white woman, and she steps into the corner and clutches her purse - is that supposed to illustrate what "the body language of a victim" looks like?

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Obviously, this took place before an explosion at one of the igloos shut down the area.

(On a slightly related note, we were AT the TNT area the day before the explosion, taking my son on his first trip to the igloos. ) The former West Virginia Ordnance Works (WVOW) was an explosives manufacturing facility constructed for the sole purpose of producing 720, 000 tons of TNT per day.

And that if one should explode it wouldn't set off a chain reaction.

1ère sortie du label des Vandals et comme on est jamais mieux servi que par soi-même, on les retrouve ici dans ce qui est certainement leur meilleure période avec 3 titres (dont une reprise instrumental anecdotique d'un titre de leur album "Live fast diarrhea").

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