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I have a Tortoise Git repository locally, which is also pushed to a remote.

There are 2 branches - master (the production version), and Code First (a development branch).

80 files modified) takes up to 30 minutes wit Tortoise Git!!! If I am trying to commit only one file after an update (after step 3), like .gitignore, or whatever else, and left other 7000 updated files for next commit - still the same time.

commit just 1 file with Tortoise GIT \-" takes onyl 1 second. Here the same (commit just one file, but having approx.

tortoisegit updating to revision-30

tortoisegit updating to revision-23

In the log click on the commit you want to pick and select "cherry-pick".I switched the local repo to master, chose merge, and selected the single commit.Once I pressed OK, master now seems to contain all the changes in the Code First branch, not just the one I wanted.This section outlines the various ways you can refer to a single commit.Git is smart enough to figure out what commit you meant to type if you provide the first few characters, as long as your partial SHA-1 is at least four characters long and unambiguous – that is, only one object in the current repository begins with that partial SHA-1.

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