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Många seriösa uppfödare lägger ner då köparna ändå söker sig till Island för att många gånger för mycket pengar och i vissa fall bristfällig information ta hem en häst.

Vi är många som tycker att SIF avelsstiftelse borde arbeta på dessa frågor. Ægir har avverkat regionala tävlingar både i Sverige och i Danmark. Helena Kroughen Aðalsteinsdottir har visat vårt femåriga sto Roða f.

Each year a tree’s growth ring has two parts; one is wide and light colored, and the other is narrow and dark. This grows during the wet spring and early summer when the tree has a lot of sap, and the cambium cells giving rise to the trunk growth are large and thin walled.

As the summer winds down and the transition to the cooler autumn occurs, the tree’s growth rate slows.

När man köper en häst i Sverige hos en uppfödare så finns en stor kunskap om den aktuella hästen.Surface preservation products that provide protection from organic and man made atmospheric pollution, graffiti, water intrusion and debilitating micro organisms like fungus.This means we have taken into consideration the future of the surface being restored.In their study of dendrochronology, students use activity sheets and a discussion to apply principles of dendrochronology to determine a tree's age and to recognize climatic variation. (den-droh-cruh-NOL-uh-gee) means “the study of tree time.” Usually called tree-ring dating, dendrochronology is a science based on the fact that every growth season a tree adds a new layer of wood to its trunk.They will also analyze and experience how archaeologists can sometimes use tree rings to date archaeological evidence and study past climates. Over time, these yearly growth layers form a series of light and dark concentric circles, or tree rings, that are visible on cross sections of felled trees.

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