Troubleshoot wsus client not updating

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When a provided step solves the problem, you're met with a Success page and asked to provide feedback.And, if you step all the way through without a resolution, Microsoft will suggest that you either use their web-based forums or call support.This service runs as the Network Service user by default.

where WSUSServer Name is the name of the WSUS server, and port Number is the port that has been configured for it (for example, 80 for HTTP, 443 for SSL, and 8530 for a custom port). In an Internet Explorer address bar, type: If the WSUS server is functioning properly, a File Download window will appear requesting to open or save the file. Review the registry entries to verify the Automatic Update client has been configured correctly. The following script is offered as is, if you don’t understand what it is doing, please use at your own risk.

Print Screen2As per Above Print-screen '242 updates has not been installed'.

If i click on '242 Updates' I get the below Print-screen and so on.

If you have to step away and close the support page, you can also choose to save your current progress to come back later without having to start all over.

It's worth a look (and a bookmark): Guided Walkthrough for troubleshooting problems that relate to WSUS agents that are not reporting to a WSUS server This tool is great, right up until it stops working.

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