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When your friends are giving you signs and signals, maybe instead of being combative, you should listen to them. Continuing to look for the same qualities in a partner at 30 than at 21, you might not be successful. This was one of the most important pieces of advice I received during my stint as a teacher and it rings true in dating as well. Think moving to a new apartment: imagine it’s only you doing everything. I went on an online date with a guy who I had 0 romantic chemistry with.

Your friends know you better than your SO does, at least in the early stages of dating. Now think of a moving/pizza/beer party where your friends are giving you a hand. Like, I was practically begging the universe for him not to make a move because if he had, I would have felt completely confused and awkward and it would have been terrible. And by texting them, you’re letting them have power they don’t deserve.

Going into it, I would never have chosen that approach.

It took me a long time to figure out that I needed to be my own first and best priority in love, but eventually I got there (through trial and much error, and a whole host of spiritual tools that I share with my clients in the new coaching experience The Romance Breakthrough Formula)Even if we’re familiar with the concept of being whole entities on our own (which was not a thing when I was growing up) there is sometimes a gap between the concept and the actual doing of the thing itself.

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You should gather as much information as possible before taking someone seriously. If at ALL possible, hold off on the physical as long as possible (I’d say until you’re married but that’s another conversation) to be SURE you vibe with them.

Relationships in and of themselves are a journey of discovery, but always make the most informed decision possible. Sex clouds judgment because it emotionally bonds you to someone (MEN TOO) and CAN lead to you overlooking things you really need to pay attention to in the mix.

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