Updating boot support partitions for the volume

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After working for ever to restore the my hard drive, I've run repair and received the following: the volume Macintosh HD was repaired successfully volume repair complete AND Updating boot support partitions for the volume as required. It means the repair program is in the process of updating ...

updating boot support partitions for the volume-72

updating boot support partitions for the volume-30

updating boot support partitions for the volume-51

This additional hexadecimal code are the address of the memory locations where the instruction(s) was loaded at the time of the error.so you would have todisconnect all wiresconnect power cord only and plug it inturn it on wait a couple of secs.connect usb cable to drive then to computerthat's one way of fixing itif that doesn't workyou can try going to control panel device managerin there try and see if you have anything with a yellow question mark or exclamation point or a red X next to a USB controller or Composite device or to Mass Storage Device under USB peripherals If it has either of those just right click on the device and click update driver If not right click mass storage device use turn off switch to turn it off...Now turn it back on and it should reinstall itself If that still doesn't work there's a couple of tutorials on how to recover files from faulty Lacie drives you can google that and it should be able to help you out for the most part...Anyway, being a Mac disk, I connected the new disk to a Mac and ran Disk tools, which told me that the filesystem needed repairs.disk mgtsee if the drive is disabled or there's like a mini no enter sign in there might be the reason why oh yeah also Tweak UI and other programs are known to mess up with Lacie so google that and you should be able to find out some tips to help you Also Partition Magic can actually unhide hard drives that are "stubborn" so that program might help as well other wise read my instructions below specifically the3 important notes and second half in your case... I've been doing some research and certain programs like Tweak UI a program that Microsoft installs which can be found in your control panel does conflict with the Lacie HD3.

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