Updating countertops health and fitness dating

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There was a little bit of prep work such as sanding and removing the plastic trim around the base of the countertop.

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Poured concrete can be tinted to be any color you wish.

If a tacky color is making your tile countertop look dated, painting it is an easy way to update it.

Paint may seem like an unorthodox idea for a tile surface, but if you prepare it properly, ceramic tile takes paint well.

In a kitchen or bathroom, a tile countertop may have dirt, grease, mildew and other residue on its surface, so scrub it with a mild abrasive cleaner and rinse it clean.

You'll also need to roughen up the glossy surface so the paint adheres better – use 100- to 200-grit sandpaper to carefully sand your countertop.

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