Updating database using datagridview in vb net

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The datasource i used was a datatable having no columns, and i added columns and rows programmatically to datatable. I tried the code related with gridview like 1) create button named it Clear. Data Source=nothing 2) In your search button begin your code by the following statement datagridviewer.

Data Source = data Stuff End Sub End Class I had the same problem on gridview content clearing.

When the user clicks the "Select Facility" button, you would like to clear the Data Grid View of the data from the previous facility (and not throw an error if it's his first selection).

In this scenario, you can achieve the clean Data Grid View by adapting the generated code that fills the Data Grid View.

Besides, I don't want to change the databound item. msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms810291but why do you need the computed column, and why do you want to change its value?

Most people, when considering this question, would immediately tell you that a drop-down is a Form.

After all, it exhibits a lot of the behaviour of a form: So, how does one achieve this behaviour?

I have tried updating the datagridview directly using this code: dgv Tasks. Rather I would change the value in the table frequently and update the database once the increments stops. Updating the endtime would be the way to go - then your computed column will update too.

Finally however, the simplest approach would be to update the datatable - Why can't you do that?

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