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Oh well, if the mb fails it will give me an excuse to upgrade my system.

ESCD is the Extended System Configuration Data, and is a flash-writeable file.

I installed a lager hard drive (10gig) and loaded Win ME. Reset Configuration Data (Force Update ESCD) (ESCD). Assign IRQ For VGA (Allocate IRQ to PCI VGA) (IRQ) . Assign IRQ For USB ( Enabled (On) - ) (Disabled (Off)) (IRQ) USB-. : □ Auto (ESCD) - ( ); , ; □ Manual - IRQ Assigned to DMA Assigned to. : □ PCI/ISA Pn P (PCI Device) - Plug and Play ( ); □ Legacy ISA (Manual, Reserved) - ISA-.It chomps on all this for a sec, then issues the resulting configs to each card, which acknowledges the settings.Once all the cards have done this, the final "table" of where everything is sitting is then saved to the flash/CMOS section, so it won't have to redo this everytime you boot.

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