Updating european cabinets

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Semi-custom cabinets incorporate stock elements but allow for some customization by the customer.

Stock cabinets come completely designed and assembled "as-is." Each cabinet type has benefits and challenges.

However, cabinets aren’t all we do–we also retail bathroom vanities, granite countertops, and knobs!

We specialize in the finest timber materials such as premium solid wood and plywood.

Custom cabinets offer total freedom in terms of design, but are by far the most expensive.

With tons of pedestal, wall-mounted, vessel and console sink options to choose from in glass, metal or stone designs, you are guaranteed to find one perfect for your space.Design by Rebekah Zaveloff Whether you're installing brand-new kitchen cabinets or updating existing ones, it can be a daunting task—but one way you can make the process more efficient is by considering semi-custom kitchen cabinets.Available from a wide range of home improvement and design stores, semi-custom kitchen cabinets allow for a great balance between cost, efficiency and custom design. Custom cabinets are created from scratch according to a specific design requested by the customer.Our kitchen and bathroom cabinets from Pennsylvania are even inspected and tested for quality control after being crafted from wood we personally hand select.So don’t miss out on the best kitchen cabinets at the cheapest price!

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